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Workshop: Defending and Empowering Student Activism on Palestine

Published on Mon Nov 22 2021 - modified on Mon Nov 29 2021

In partnership with DocP-BDS Nederland, the ELSC is organising an online workshop on “Defending and Empowering Student Activism on Palestine” addressed to students in The Netherlands, on the 2nd of December 2021 from 5:30 – 7 pm CET.

If you are a student active on Palestinian rights advocacy, REGISTER HERE to the workshop.

The aim is to provide a safe space for individual students and student groups in support of Palestinian human rights, in order for them to share the challenges they face in mobilising and organising on-campus activities.

Students will get the opportunity to share their experiences. ELSC aims to provide them with defense mechanisms including legal and advocacy tools to support their activism while pushing back against attacks and incidents they may face in response to their advocacy (work). 

We will share recommendations from our report “The Attempt to Chill Palestinian Rights Advocacy in the Netherlands”, and the lessons learned from our work in monitoring and defending student groups in support of Palestinian rights.


  1. Introduction ELSC
  2. Main findings of the ELSC report
  3. Activism on campuses: lessons learned from the ELSC work in the UK
  4. Poll among students about experiences of repression
  5. Q&A/input from students
  6. Wrap up
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