Support ELSC’s legal mandate to defend the Palestine solidarity movement in Europe 

The ELSC is the first and only organisation that specialises in providing legal support and assistance to all those facing repression for advocating for Palestine across Europe including the UK. 

We have been providing legal support for five years now, working closely with Palestinian civil society and monitoring all forms of repression to expose the weaponisation of racist policy, surveillance and law enforcement that silences Palestine advocacy and enables Israel’s ceaseless colonial violence and impunity. 

We respond to an average of 100 cases per year and we win 95% of the time! We have successfully defended dozens of Palestinian rights advocates against censorship, surveillance, disciplinary proceedings in universities and workplaces and threats of legal action. We have taken public and private entities to court for perpetrating anti-Palestinian racism and repression.  

Since October 7th last year, our caseload has tripled and we have recorded to over 1000 cases of repression. In addition to challenging repression, we are taking part in strategic litigation projects to hold private and public actors accountable for their involvement in ongoing war crimes in Palestine. In February 2024, our legal team in Germany has helped Gazan families sue German officials for enabling the genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza by providing Israel with weapons. We are also supporting Palestinian civil society organisations facing defunding and restrictions to their bank accounts. 

But we cannot do this alone. We need your help to scale up our efforts, now more than ever. The best way to do this is with a monthly donation. Sustained contributions ensure the ELSC’s stability and security at this critical time. This is imperative to adequately push back against repression in the long term, but also to be on the offensive, empower and grow the movement while making sure that actors complicit in war crimes are held to account once and for all. 

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