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If you, your group, organisation or otherwise have been intimidated, slandered, repressed, censored or banned from speaking out or participating in Palestine advocacy, or if you have questions about your rights, please complete the incident form below.

If an incident falls within our scope of support, one of our legal researchers will contact you within a few business days. You can read more about our Defensive Working Procedure here.

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Where did the incident take place ?

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Brief description of the incident or legal issue including:

      1. Type of activity you were undertaking / planning to undertake;
      2. Who is responsible (names, organisations, departments etc);
      3. The exact dates of events;
      4. The number of people affected by the incident including their ethnic origin/nationality and gender (if known);
      5. If it involved any restrictive legislation and/or policy: If there is a news item or documentation associated with the incident or legal issue please provide a source link in the description

What has been the impact of the incident ?

For example, negative psychological or social impacts, self-censoring, negative press coverage, change in university behaviour towards your group, etc.