Protecting the fundamental rights of advocates for Palestinian freedom

Most of the ELSC’s casework consists of providing legal advice and support to students, academics, activists, members of political parties, civil society organisations, artists and artistic and cultural institutions falsely accused of antisemitism on account of their Palestinian rights advocacy. We also support European and Palestinian civil society organisations unjustly accused of supporting terrorism due to their human rights and humanitarian work in Palestine.

You can contribute to our work by donating to our Legal Aid Fund to make legal services available to those who are unable to afford it.

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Advocates for Palestinian rights are facing a variety of attacks aimed at silencing their voices or hindering their work: from denial of public space, public funding or online platforms, closure of financial accounts, legal threats or lawsuits, to enforcement the adoption of anti BDS motions that falsely declare the Palestine solidarity movement as antisemitic.

Contact us if you or your group, association, NGO, foundation, have been intimidated, slandered, censored or banned from speaking out or carrying out solidarity actions, or if you are just seeking legal advice about your rights.

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