Workshop in Support of Students’ On-Campus Activism in the UK

Published on Thu Feb 03 2022

As the Israel Apartheid Week is approaching, the ELSC is participating in a workshop organised by Young Palestine Solidarity Campaign on the 8th of February at 6 PM London time. The workshop is tailored for student solidarity organisers and student activist groups in support of Palestinian rights. It aims to address what Israeli Apartheid Week is, as to guide student activists in organising for this important international Palestine solidarity event that mobilises support for the Palestinian struggle for justice and human rights at their respective universities.

The workshop features the European Legal Support Center and the Palestinian BDS National Committee. Our intervention seeks to empower student solidarity groups in their activism on Palestine, as to be aware on how to push back against on-campus repression tactics including smear campaigns, unfounded allegations of antisemitism, the use of the controversial IHRA-Working Definition of Antisemitism, legal threats, denial of access to public spaces, cancellation of events, or disciplinary procedures.

Register here: bit.ly/3reti1P

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