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New Lawsuit against Denial of Public Space for Palestine-Related Event

Published on Wed Mar 03 2021 - modified on Fri Mar 12 2021

In Germany, the campaigners Bundestag 3 for Palestine (BT3P) have initiated another strategic litigation. They are now challenging the city of Munich before the Administrative Court to be granted a public facility to host a panel discussion.

The event is planned for 20 March to coincide with the Israeli Apartheid Week 2021. Judith Bernstein, Amir Ali and Christoph Glanz will discuss the Israeli regime of apartheid, and how the German public can take steps to denounce and challenge the oppression of the Palestinian people.

Last November, BT3P had successfully petitioned the Administrative Court of Hessen against the City of Frankfurt. Similar to earlier decisions of three other German Courts, the Hessian Administrative Court ruled that the denial of public spaces for BDS events violates fundamental rights and instructed the City to revoke the facility ban.

These lawsuits are part of a broader legal battle against the Bundestag anti-BDS motion brought by BT3P campaigners represented by lawyer Ahmed Abed and assisted by the ELSC.

Filed in May 2020, the complaint against the Bundestag argues that, despite its non-legally binding nature, the motion has a law-like effect leading to restrictions on the freedoms of expression and assembly. Furthermore, the plaintiffs argue that the motion exposes human rights organisations and activists to public defamation as antisemitic rather than granting them protection and support.

After a request for delay granted by the Administrative Court of Berlin, the Bundestag is finally due to handover its first legal defence on 25 March.

BT3P has just launched an English version of their website! You can support by sharing the campaign and donating to cover the cost of legal proceedings.

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