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The Palestinian Observatory of Digital Rights Violations

7amleh – the Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media – has recently launched the Palestinian Observatory of Digital Rights Violations (7or) which is the first open source digital platform to monitor, document and follow up on the digital rights violations perpetrated against Palestinians. Palestinian rights advocates continue to face deliberate silencing campaigns that employ various tactics to suppress online content on Palestine including account suspension, content taken down, incitement, smear campaigns, hackings, fake news, gender-based violence and hate speech.

Through 7or’s platform, advocates of Palestinian rights have the space to submit a report on violations and search through the database of violations.

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Useful links

Freedom of Expression / Right to Boycott

What is BDS?

• Transnational Legal Theory, 3-4 (2019), Michiel Bot, The right to boycott: BDS, law, and politics in a global context, pp. 421-445

• Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council (PHROC): “Right to BDS” Statement

Shrinking Space

• Journal of Palestine Studies, 49-2 (2020), Ben White, Delegitimizing Solidarity: Israel Smears Palestine Advocacy as Anti-Semitic, pp. 65–79

• Article Harward Law Review, 1360, Wielding Antidiscrimination Law to Suppress the Movement for Palestinian Rights, 10 February 2020

Defunding and Deplatforming

• Charity & Security Network Issue Brief, Financial Services Deplatforming Hurts Aid, Peacebuilding

Business and Human Rights

• Business and Human Rights Journal, 4 (2019), Marya Farah, Maha Abdallah, Security, Business and Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, pp. 7–31

• Business and Human Rights Journal, 3 (2018), Valentina Azarova, Business and Human Rights in Occupied Territory: The UN Database of Business Active in Israel’s Settlements, pp. 187–209