The ELSC has developed and gathered useful resources for Palestine advocates in Europe.

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Freedom of Expression / Right to Boycott

What is BDS?

• Transnational Legal Theory, 3-4 (2019), Michiel Bot, The right to boycott: BDS, law, and politics in a global context, pp. 421-445

• Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council (PHROC): “Right to BDS” Statement

Shrinking Space

• Journal of Palestine Studies, 49-2 (2020), Ben White, Delegitimizing Solidarity: Israel Smears Palestine Advocacy as Anti-Semitic, pp. 65–79

• Article Harward Law Review, 1360, Wielding Antidiscrimination Law to Suppress the Movement for Palestinian Rights, 10 February 2020

Defunding and Deplatforming

• Charity & Security Network Issue Brief, Financial Services Deplatforming Hurts Aid, Peacebuilding

Business and Human Rights

• Business and Human Rights Journal, 4 (2019), Marya Farah, Maha Abdallah, Security, Business and Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, pp. 7–31

• Business and Human Rights Journal, 3 (2018), Valentina Azarova, Business and Human Rights in Occupied Territory: The UN Database of Business Active in Israel’s Settlements, pp. 187–209