Our Victories in Italy

Students Activists Gets the University of Milan to Cut Ties with University in Israeli Settlement. Click to read more

In March 2024, the University of Milan ceased its cooperation with the University of Ariel, located in the illegal Israeli settlement of Ariel, marking a victory for the ‘Students against Apartheid’ campaign launched by Giovani Palestinesi d’Italia. The ELSC provided legal advice to the movement and actively participated in the negotiation with the University, which was cooperating with Ariel University in breach of EU and international law. Read more 

Court upholds the right of Italian-Palestinian activist to criticize and denounce the genocide . Click to read more

Italian-Palestinian activist Karem Rohana has been under attack by Italian institutions, including the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “La Repubblica” and the mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, for his reporting on the Palestinian situation and the denunciation of the ongoing genocide. This has caused controversy in the Italian political scene, highlighting the biased, if not racist, nature of the mainstream media and political narratives related to Palestine Palestine. Karem suffered physical attacks and accusations of damaging the reputation of Italian individuals supporting Israel’s settler-colonialism, but he fought back and a court in Milan upheld the legitimacy of his opinions, recognising the right to criticism and recalling the recent decision of the International Court of Justice regarding the ongoing genocide. ELSC along with StraLi are providing legal assistance to Karem. Read more

Credit picture: Iman Salem


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