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Second edition of ‘Don’t Buy Into Occupation’ coalition exposes billions in European financial support to companies in illegal Israeli settlements

Published on Mon Dec 05 2022

The Don’t Buy Into Occupation coalition releases its second report exposing European financial institutions’ involvement in the Israeli illegal settlement enterprise.

The new report finds that between January 2019 and August 2022, 725 European financial institutions  (EFIs) were actively involved in the illegal Israeli settlement enterprise with $115.5 billion in shares and bonds, and $171.4 billion in loans and underwritings between January 2019 and August 2022.

Since the release of the first DBIO report, the volume of lending to, share and bond holdings in these businesses has remained high. This exposes the continued lip service paid by EFIs to the need for heightened due diligence in the context of military occupation. 

The DBIO coalition consists of 24 European and Palestinian Organisations who have come together to investigate the financial relationships between European financial institutions and businesses involved across various sectors in the illegal Israeli settlement enterprise. The report findings are critical in defunding Israeli occupation by understanding how European financial institutions are linked to violations of human rights and international law, like the illegal appropriation of Palestinian land and expulsion of families.

Read the second edition of the report here:

To search the implication of financial institutions in the Israeli illegal settlement enterprise by company, investor or creditor, check this database:

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