Defensive Working Procedure

In order to effectively defend advocates for Palestinian rights who are targeted and silenced for their work, the ELSC offers free legal advice and support.

Working on a case by case basis, we advise those in need on their rights at national, regional and international levels. Where active litigation is needed, our team identifies law firms, organisations and experts who have the specific knowledge and experience for the case at hand within our network.

We act as an intermediary and coordinator between clients and lawyers:
a) Conduct initial interviews with the client apprehending the needs and strategizing the most suitable legal and non-legal remedies;
b) Lay down the statement of facts, compile relevant documents and introduce the case to the appropriate lawyer;
c) Develop the legal strategy together with the lawyer and prepare the case:
– Write a pre-action letter;
– File criminal, civil or administrative complaint;
– Compile in the form of legal memos arguments from European Law, European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR), International law, General Data Protection Law (GDPR), Business and Human Rights;
– Commission expert opinion signed by renowned professors of Human rights law.

Most of our partner lawyers work pro bono or charge very low fees. However, we aim at offering compensation that would guarantee more commitment and efficiency. You can help by donating to our Legal Aid Fund.

As of today, our capacity is still limited thus we are not able to provide assistance and support to all prospective clients.

Furthermore, the ELSC and its partners are not obligated to represent all prospective clients.  We may decline to provide services if:

– The identity of a prospective client is uncertain (for instance, if a prospective client fails to provide sufficient detail confirming their identity);
– A prospective client requests services that conflict with or exceed our scope of work or mission;
– A prospective client has a conflict of interest with former, current, or other prospective clients of the ELSC and affiliated attorneys;
– Due to lack of resources, the ELSC and affiliated attorneys are unable to offer legal services.

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